Soup Up + Sew Up
12:00 PM12:00

Soup Up + Sew Up

A community dining and sewing workshop event hosted by Fluorescent City and Indigo & Violet Studio.

How it works:

    1. Show up hungry. Bring those old clothes you've been meaning to donate, holes and all.

    2. Slurp up with us. We'll be supplying a warm meal for you to enjoy.

    3. Sew up those tears/holes in your donated clothing items. We'll be teaching a mending/embroidery workshop to add some briteness to those clothes to give them new life before donating.

    4. Soup up with an extra meal before you go. We just ask that you take that meal and give it to someone in need on your way home. With a smile of course.  

Clothing and monetary donations from a portion of ticket sales will be made to Cornerstone Community Outreach in Uptown.

All levels are welcome (never embroidered? no problem!), we will spend part of the class exploring a few different introductory embroidery stitches. The event is also BYOB if you'd like to bring beer, wine, or bubbly to enjoy while we mend - glasses and corkscrews will be provided.

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Brite Eyes Art Exhibit: Opening Reception
6:00 PM18:00

Brite Eyes Art Exhibit: Opening Reception

You're invited to the opening exhibit of "Brite Eyes" - A visual and interactive textile art exhibit exploring an artist's journey to find the briteness within. A journey involving facing truths, learning to unlearn deep-seeded habits, and redefining thought patterns.

Join us for bevs and briteness as you explore and experience the exhibit by and with Amie Kesler (maker/creator behind Fluorescent City).

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