Chasing the Sun

It's been a little less than a week since I arrived in Blönduós, Iceland for a month-long artist residency, and we've been extremely lucky with fantastic weather. For the past week, I’ve literally been chasing the sun. No, really, I have run at points. Every morning I wake up, throw on warm clothes, and head out by the water to see the pinks hitting the adjacent glaciers. And in the evenings I’m running from one side of the town to the other to see the mountains reflecting the sunset to the east and then to see the sun setting on the western horizon by the Textile Centre, where I’m currently living for the next month. I have a special spot that I perch on — the perfect location on the black rocks where the ocean and river meet.

Blönduós is a tiny and somewhat sleepy town, of approximately 1,000 residents, but the scenery—  rolling hills, glaciers, black sand/rock beaches, snowy mountains are incredible.

The other evening, I was hiking around Hrútey Island (a tiny island within the Blanda River, that runs through Blönduós) and I again, literally, found myself running as my excitement grew that I was in the perfect spot to catch the window of time at just the right moment where the sun is high enough to reflect those beautiful pinks off the snowy mountains. And then realizing that I’d have to run to catch the sun at my viewing spot.

As this was happening, I got to thinking — One, if anyone has caught me doing this from their window and wondered who this crazy character could be. And two, I couldn’t help but feel as if my efforts of chasing the sun were comparable to chasing one’s dreams.

When I started to consider the similarities of chasing sunsets and sunrises to chasing dreams it felt as if a lot made sense. 

+ Both are ever changing.

+ You might not know where they lead you, but they are always there. And the end result can be unbelievably magical.

+ They are colorful and full of vibrant energy.

+ They are unpredictable.

+ Sometimes are you in the right spot at the right time, sometimes not.

+ You can run after them or you can walk.

+ In the end, the magic truly happens when you slow down, sit still, calm the mind and take in the beauty of the process. Stop the internal self doubt/questioning and just listen.

I’m not sure where these five weeks in Iceland will lead me but I’m enjoying the process and focusing on taking every moment in. More to come but in the meantime, stay brite. xoxo

Amie Kesler